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Causes[ edit ] Relatively little has been discovered about the cause of the condition since its initial identification. Recent studies from the empirical data are prone to consider anosognosia a multi-componential syndrome or multi-faceted phenomenon. That is it can be manifested by failure to be aware of a number of specific deficits, including motor hemiplegia , sensory hemianaesthesia, hemianopia , spatial unilateral neglect , memory dementia , and language receptive aphasia due to impairment of anatomo-functionally discrete monitoring systems. It is more frequent in the acute than in the chronic phase and more prominent for assessment in the cases with right hemispheric lesions than with the left. The condition does not seem to be directly related to sensory loss but is thought to be caused by damage to higher level neurocognitive processes that are involved in integrating sensory information with processes that support spatial or bodily representations including the somatosensory system.
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