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The word kuru is a very common Japanese word and one of the first that students learn. Kuru , which means "to come" or "to arrive," is an irregular verb. The following charts will help you understand how to conjugate kuru and use it correctly when writing or speaking. The basic form of all Japanese verbs ends with -u. This is the form listed in the dictionary and is the informal, present affirmative form of the verb.
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Special uses of the Japanese verb 来る (kuru), “to come” – Self Taught Japanese

The verb to come and to go in Japanese is not as simple as English does. So, how do they differ from each other? Well, the key is the difference in point of view. You are talking with your brother at your house. If you want to ask your brother whether Mr.
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Special uses of the Japanese verb 来る (kuru), “to come”

The term ethnic Japanese is used to refer to mainland Japanese people, specifically the Yamato. The Japanese language is a Japonic language that is related to the Ryukyuan languages and was treated as a language isolate in the past. The earliest attested form of the language, Old Japanese , dates to the 8th century. Japanese phonology is characterized by a relatively small number of vowel phonemes , frequent gemination , and a distinctive pitch accent system. The modern Japanese language has a tripartite writing system using hiragana , katakana , and kanji.
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And now for the special usages, where the meaning can deviate from something physically arriving at a location. In this case, the emphasis is on the change of becoming stronger. Here are some of the more common conjugated forms, for the rest and other irregular verbs see the Wikipedia entry on Japanese verbs. My effin hero!
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