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This invention relates to new and useful improvements in therapeutic devices for assisting males who have problems in this respect to produce and maintain erections of the penis. An erection is produced when arterial blood flows to the erectile tissues of the penis, but the veinal return flow of blood to the body is restricted, so that the erectile tissues become engorged with blood. The restriction is normally performed by certain sphincter muscles, functioning in response to sexual arousal, but particularly in men of advancing age, or men having certain physiological or psychological malfunctions, these sphincter muscles apparently do not function properly, or relax prematurely before coitus can be completed, rendering the sex act quite unsatisfactory. It is to a solution of this problem that the present invention is directed. By taking advantage of the known fact that the penile arteries are disposed principally in the deep interior of the organ, and the return veins are disposed principally sub-dermally adjacent its surface, it has long been known that the return veinal blood flow can be restricted by securing a band, in the nature of a tourniquet, around the base of the organ closely adjacent the body. This assists in the maintenance of erection by restricting the return veinal blood flow, while the arterial flow remains substantially unimpeded since the arteries are deeply embedded and protected from pressure by the erectile tissues.
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Development of the Human Penis and Clitoris

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The human penis and clitoris develop from the ambisexual genital tubercle. To compare and contrast the development of human penis and clitoris, we used macroscopic photography, optical projection tomography, light sheet microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, histology and immunohistochemistry. The human genital tubercle differentiates into a penis under the influence of androgens forming a tubular urethra that develops by canalization of the urethral plate to form a wide diamondshaped urethral groove opening zipper whose edges urethral folds fuse in the midline closing zipper. In contrast, in females, without the influence of androgens, the vestibular plate homologue of the urethral plate undergoes canalization to form a wide vestibular groove whose edges vestibular folds remain unfused, ultimately forming the labia minora defining the vaginal vestibule.
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The Body Art Team. We are a small group of scholars that, in the Fall of , began gathering data regarding college students' attitudes toward, and experiences with tattoos and body piercing. Our work is interdisciplinary. We are published in journals for sociologists, psychologists, nurses, and physicians. We have had many requests from all over the world that our work be made available, hence, this web page.
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