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It is a very common rash. Most babies will get it from time to time. Normally, diaper rash can be treated easily at home. Symptoms of diaper rash The most common symptom of diaper rash is red, tender-looking skin in the diaper area buttocks, thighs, and genitals. It could be a few spots, or the rash could cover much of the diaper area. Babies with diaper rash often fuss or cry when the area is touched or cleaned.
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Nappy rash treatment and prevention | Raising Children Network

Mild cases of red bottom can be treated at home but a doctor, who can prescribe effective medication, should examine severe cases. A red bottom is when the skin under the diaper becomes red. Blisters may develop and the skin may tear. The child becomes irritable and may not sleep well at night. A red bottom is not an illness but rather an overall term for a number of conditions that can cause redness, irritation, eczema and inflammation in the diaper area with infants.
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Tips for Treating Diaper Rash

Read more about the causes of itchy bottom. When to see your GP See your GP if you've had an itchy bottom for more than a few days, so they can try to find the cause. You may feel awkward, but it's nothing to be embarrassed or worried about, as this is one of the most common examinations GPs carry out. If necessary, you may be referred to a specialist for further investigation and treatment.
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Print Overview Diaper rash is a common form of inflamed skin dermatitis that appears as a patchwork of bright red skin on your baby's bottom. Diaper rash is often related to wet or infrequently changed diapers, skin sensitivity, and chafing. It usually affects babies, though anyone who wears a diaper regularly can develop the condition.
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